The Pros and Cons of Using Alaris 8015 Pumps – Before You Use It

The Aaris 8015 is the backbone of the popular Soma Technology . It provides a common user interface for programming the various perfusions and monitoring modules, which helps reduce the complexity of the point of care. Alaris 8015 is intended for the care of adults, pediatricians, and newborns in hospitals and in the health field.CareFusion Alaris PCU 8015 - Soma Technology, Inc.

This ECP optimizes infusion therapy and patient care using Guardrails software to measure formula IV data. Alaris 8015 in combination with the other modules of the Alaris system allows you to personalize your infusion. Overall, this Alaris IV pump helps improve clinical practice and patient safety.

Here are five additional reasons that people who like the pump cite for using one:

The pump delivers insulin to the body much as the pancreas does.

One can adjust the amount of insulin by fractions of a unit and have many different amounts at different times of the day. The insulin pump easily adapts to a patient’s lifestyle.

Taking a larger dose before meals are as easy as pushing a button on the pump.

One can be more flexible with meals because he’s constantly getting a small dose of insulin.

That’s great news for today’s active youngsters. There’s less risk of hypoglycemia because you are getting small amounts of insulin at a time

On the other hand, here are four equally significant reasons that people don’t like to use an insulin pump:

It’s much more expensive than conventional syringes and needles:

The pump is visible, especially when one wears less clothing on hot days. Also, if there’s a blockage, an alarm goes off. Essentially, it makes diabetes more obvious to others.

You need to monitor blood glucose more frequently, sometimes more than four times daily, to properly use the pump. And right now, monitoring still means finger sticks.

Pump wearers who engage in sex may find the pump inconvenient because it’s attached to the body.

Kids of all ages can use the insulin pump. Parents usually manage the pump until they feel the child can do it.


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