Why Go for a Totoro Costume For Kids?

What’s so great about a Totoro costume for children? Is it because it is so darn cute! Well, Totoro isn’t a cuddly furry animal like many kids like to pretend they are, but he is in fact a cute cat that is actually soft, fluffy and very cute. This cat costume has been popular all over the world and you’ll find him in any number of Halloween costumes https://ghibli-shop.com/my-neighbor-totoro-merch/hoodie/.China Custom Make Anime Naruto Action Figures Vinyl Toys - China Action  Figures and Vinyl Toys price

Why a Totoro costume for children? You know what they say about getting what you pay for, but really if you want the most authentic Totoro costume then go for it. You might think this would cost you a fortune, but when you take into consideration how much of a cutie you can look like you won’t even have to shell out that much. And your little one will surely be wrapped up with his warm plushness while trick or Treating… and most of these work as lounging shirts or even winter wear! So, instead of spending all your money on that fancy dress that won’t stand the test of time, why not spend a little extra and buy yourself a cute little Totoro cat costume for this year’s Halloween!

So what’s in a cat costume anyway? Well the most common ingredients in any cat costume include fur, and sometimes feathers. The fur is usually very short but not always. Usually the long coats are short, but this is also dependent on the breed. A cat costume made from real fur will be softer than a faux fur costume, so this will give you a better feel.

Next there are accessories which are often added to the costume to make it more realistic. For example if you want to really give your child a cat like appearance then you could purchase some cat ears, whiskers and a headband with a tail. Or if you want to go with the more grown up look then you could buy a nice hat and maybe a headband with a little red nose and tail. Other accessories you can get to really customize your cat costume are cat-shaped items. such as a paw print purse, a tail wand or a cat-shaped brush and comb. and comb set. Other accessories to consider are cats balls, bags and purses.

These are just some of the accessories that you can purchase to customize your pet Cat costume. Some cat stores even sell cat toys, cat-shaped purses and a variety of cat toys. There are a lot of accessories out there you can choose from, so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to find your totoro! If you’re lucky enough to have a local shop that sells cat accessories then go ahead and see what they have available to you.

To top off your cat costume there are a few other cute options like cat stickers, pins and brooches, too. Just make sure that you make your cat feel like the cat royalty as you’re dressed up for the party!


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