LUX Battery Master – Battery Saver & Booster

Battery Saver – LUX Battery Master – Battery Charge Faster & Booster – Real-time Monitoring – Battery Indicator

Highlights features:
* Battery Saver mode.
* Optimize battery usage.
* Real-time battery electric current monitoring.
* Real-time battery information indicator.
* Remaining use time.
* Battery usage stats – Charge history.
* Battery information.
* Battery health information.
* Dark mode support.

★ Battery Saver
Save your battery power and optimize battery usage.
Longer battery life up to 50% with Super saving mode.

★ Battery Real-time Indicator
Real-time battery electric current update in the status bar and notification.

★ Battery Real-Time Monitoring
Monitor your battery information like an electric current, temperature, capacity, voltage,… in real-time.

★ Battery History
Displays a detailed and intuitive list of the device’s battery usage and charge history.

★ Low Battery Alarm
Protect your battery by alerting when the battery level is low.

★ Full Battery Alarm
Protect your battery against overcharging by alerting when the battery level is full.

★ Battery Overheating Alert
Protect your battery when the temperature gets too high.


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