Why software tracking is necessary for packages

Everywhere you go these days, whether it’s a company office, school environment or whatever, the trend is to track the delivery and receival of packages by using web based tracking tools. For certain, there must be reasons why that is the way to go for everyone and this is what we will attempt to do under this post. We will try as much as possible to let you understand the things that make tracking your packages with the help of a software one of the best decisions you can make. 

Based on this, below are some of the notable features that make software tracking of packages a must for everyone. Of course, we cannot cover everything but we will try to highlight as much as necessary.

Easy customisation

Most of the package tracking tools you will see around today let you customize text, email and phone notifications not just for your customers but also for your staff as a business owner.

Easy documentation of proof

With a good and efficient web based package tracking software such as TekTrack, you can easily record signatures for proof of receipt as well as the name of the signer at the time the package is delivered. Of course, this is enabled by using a magnetic card reader or signature pad.

Support for multiple operating systems

Most of the package tracking applications available today support all kinds of operating systems. So whether it is iOS, windows, Windows mobile or Android tablets and phones, you are good to go with monitoring all your packages. What’s more, a lot of these tools also have support for several concurrent users.

Label printing

The good thing with tracking your packages with a software tool is that you can easily print labels for parcels with damaged labels or even to show additional information. This is actually a common feature of some of the best package tracking systems you will find around.

Attaching pictures to history of a package

This is certainly another reason it is necessary for you to track your packages using software tools. You can easily take pictures and then attach them to the history of a parcel.

Easy alert of the concerned parties

Tracking your parcels with the aid of a software system makes alerting the concerned parties an easy exercise. This is because for most, you are provided with on-screen displays that alert not only staff about the parcels but also recipients that need special attention when necessary. For this reason, it is must for you to join the train today and start using package tracking systems to monitor your packages.

Custom reports

A good package tracking software such as TekTrack gives you certain unique opportunities. One of them is the ability to make your own import reports or custom reports from their library. Furthermore, they have both basic and advanced searches which can be quickly saved for recall in normal use. This and many that won’t be mentioned here are some of the biggest reasons you have to start tracking your packages today by using software tools designed for that purpose.

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